About Czech Republic

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, Czech Republic has become one of the most visited post-communistic countries in central Europe. This small and beautiful country daily attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Visitors have various reasons for staying in Czech Republic.

One of the most important reasons is the diversity of Czech cultural heritage. Majority of older towns offer exciting excursion through history, from the times of Roman Empire to the era of Soviet occupation followed by entirely new atmosphere of democracy. Apart from cultural diversity, Czechs are well-known for its enormous hospitality and high-quality services.

You are looked after perfectly in any shop, restaurant or hotel. And what is more, in return for your relaxed feeling you pay surprisingly little money if compared to the standards of European Union. These are only a few reasons owing to which Czech Republic is becoming increasingly popular with the foreigners.

No less important is Czech history that is reflected in a considerable quantity of well-preserved monuments that you can admire in almost every single city. Each epoch is represented in the architecture of churches, castles or palaces whether it is majestic Gothic, pompous Baroque or more sober Functionalism. Yet it is not only charm of the history that the visitors take delight in but also remarkable nature.

Forested mountains that make circle around the whole country captivate both foreigners and Czech inhabitants. From the most famous mountains, let us name at least the most famous such as The Bohemian Forest, the Krkonoše Mountains or the Jeseníky Mountains that enjoy thousands of admirers during all seasons. In the same way, also rivers lure the enthusiasts of water sports such as rafting or canoeing.

Although Czech Republic can offer to the visitors plenty of absorbing opportunities of spending their time, it has to be admitted that a greater part of people heads for Prague. After all, there is no chance to be bored. People of all age categories can find their own programme that will satisfy them most. Seniors may visit concerts of classical music in any part of the town, relax in beautiful parks or indulge a luxury dinner. The youth can have a good romp in nightclubs or take some exercise in sports centres. Individuals with artistic bent can take fancy to Prague because the participation in cultural activities is practically endless. All in all, everybody can find whatever he or she like and thus they return to Prague with genuine pleasure. That is why L´armonia resides in the very centre of the capital, inside the famous Lucerna passage. Irrespective of its location, the team of our agency endeavours to organize the events not only in Prague but also in the rest of Bohemia or Moravia.