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Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is nowadays the top of the wedding banquet. It has a long history as a symbol of fertility and happiness. In some countries there is a tradition to have two cakes, one abundant for the groom and the second light for the bride. Like everything what has something to do with the wedding also the wedding cake has its superstitions. Every guest has to eat at least a small piece of cake, because to reject the cake it can give bad luck to the couple and also to the guilty guest. Send a piece of cake to those who could not be in the wedding is new tradition, but it is supposed that allows sharing the happiness with the couple. If the bride makes her own cake, it brings bad luck. At the wedding banquet the bride should cut the first piece (her husband helps her putting his hand over her hand), to fulfill marriage with children. Sometimes it is said that the couple should eat the last piece.

Here you can see some examples of wedding cakes, but be sure that we are able to prepare a wedding cake according to your needs. You are the one who can choose the size, flavour and decoration.

 To find out more detailed information about wedding cakes, please contact our wedding planner.


Cake # 1 - Chocolate-marzipan cake
  • chocolate sponge cake filled with light chocolate cream leaded with sour cherries, marzipan-coated and decorated with ribbon and roses
  • minimum 40 portions


Cake # 2 - Wedding cake with roses fall
  • vanilla sponge cake filled with light yolk custard and fruit, covered and decorated with marzipan
  • minimum 40 portions


Cake # 3 - Wedding cake with orchid
  • fine sponge cake filled with fine cream with Caramel flavour, marzipan-coated and decorated with true orchid
  • 20 portions / 30 portions/ 40 portions


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