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Wedding Fireworks

Start your wedding celebration with a bang - literally! We can organize live firework displays in most locations. Ask your wedding co-ordinator if this service is available at your wedding venue.

We offer a range of fireworks-small garden fireworks for family parties to large displays for anniversaries, company and municipal functions. Creating a fire sign or a logo is an interesting accessory of our fireworks. A company logo, anniversary number or the name of a birthday person pleasantly surprises guests and watchers. Fireworks can be synchronised with the music of your choice.

We also provide special effects for theatres, fashion shows, medieval tournaments, concerts and other functions held even in covered locations. We use non-toxic products for interior fireworks, safe without any combustible gases. All fireworks are launched electronically.


Small firework
  • small firework for family and small business party
  • material - pyrotecnical products of II. and III. class
  • time: 2 - 5 minutes



Firework for business presentation, promotion events
  • firework for business presentation, promotion events
  • material - pyrotecnical products mostly of III. class
  • time: 5 - 15 minutes                                       


Big firework show
  • big firework show for cultural, social and sport event
  • material - pyrotecnical products of III. and IV. class
  • special permison needed, necessarybook 3 months before
  • time: 10 - 25 minutes                                     


Interior firework
  • special category in our offer
  • mostly accompany the music or other production

 To find out more detailed information about wedding fireworks, please contact our wedding planner.