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Wedding Gifts

Giving wedding presents is a nice tradition. Relatives and friends give presents to the newlyweds on the wedding day. Everybody knows that at the beginning of a marriage you need a lot of things. That is why wedding guests usually want their presents to be nice and lasting as well as practical. Thanks to this quite often a comic situation occurs when the newlyweds are surprised after opening the wedding presents to find that they have five irons, nine cutlery sets and twenty sets of glasses for the start their life together.

How can you prevent getting piles of the same things? Make a list of wedding presents. You simply write down a list of things you would like to get as presents, and hand it over to the parents or friends who will show it to the others. Certain specialised shops offer the same service. You can choose what you like and have the chosen items listed in the wedding list at the shop. At the same time you receive postcards with the information that you have used the wedding list service of the shop below. You send the postcards to your friends and relatives. Everyone who wants to please you with a present will simply visit one of the company shops and choose a wedding present they like best. Once purchased, the item is excluded from the wedding list so nobody else can buy the same.

Of course, we can also help you make a wedding list and organise the wedding presents. We also offer selected shops which offer the wedding list service.

To find out more detailed information about wedding gifts, please contact our wedding planner.