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Wedding Gowns

To acquire the wedding gown is not only very nice but also quite expensive. It is recommended to have enough time to choose the gown and also all the accessories. First of all you have to think about thy style of the gown. The most important is your personal taste. And the character of your wedding ceremony is important as well.

The basic rule is: how gala is going to be your wedding, that gala should be your wedding gown. Secondly how much you wish to pay for the gown? Thirdly the gown is just for the wedding day or should be used maybe a little changed also for cocktail party or to the opera? The right time for buying (or the design) the gown and accessories is 3 months before the wedding.

We cooperate with the best designers and wedding salons and will recomend to you the ideal gown witch suits you perfectly but always according to your ideas and needs.

To find out more detailed information about wedding gowns, please contact our wedding planner.