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Wedding Music

The music forms essentials part of the wedding festivity. It makes magic atmosphere of the civil or church wedding, makes livelier the wedding procession, gives the right atmosphere during the wedding banquet and later helps to start the party. The choice of the music during the ceremony and afterwards depends only on you.

There is nothing quite like the sounds of 'live' musicians playing in a string quartet, or a harpist to stir your soul on this special day of your life. Enhance the mood of your wedding with your choice of live wedding musicians.

You may request your favourite songs and we will reply with a confirmation.


Wedding ceremony - Trio harp, flute, violone

Romantic harp accompanied with the flute and the violone makes your wedding ceremony unforgettable.



Wedding ceremony - Violin quartet

Usually 2x violin, viola, violoncello.



Wedding ceremony - Gala fanfare

Gala fanfare played by professional musicians.You can choose the structure of the group. Here are some examples:      

  • 2 trumpets solo or 2 trumpets and 1 trombone
  • 1 trumpet, 1trombone and 1 horne
  • 2 trumpets, 1trombone and 1 horne


Wedding ceremony - Singer

Opera singer with  accompaniment  (Franz Schubert - Ave Maria, Johan Sebastian Bach - Bist du bei mir, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Ave Maria etc.) 



Party music - DJ

Disco in different places. Wide election of music from 60.-90. and also the latest hits.     




Party music - Jazz band

Famous jazz songs well known in the whole world can accompany your wedding day.     




Party music - All type band

Would you like to hear your favourite songs on your wedding party? You can have a professional band which plays the type of music you like the most.


We can also organize other type of music performance as flamenco, gipsy, irish, renaissance, cymbalos music and revival bands etc.

To find out more detailed information about wedding music and cultural programmes, please contact our wedding planner.

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