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Wedding Paperwork

To get married abroad requieres a bit more "paperwork" and we are here to help you with everything necessary. We accompany you to the Alien Police, Official Register, we inform you what documents do you need and we organize all the translation needed.

Your arrival to the Czech Republic

To handle al the documents necessary the client has to arrive to the Czech Republic at least of 2-3 working days before the wedding day. For example if your wadding day is on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, you should be in the Czech Republic on Tuesday.

Standart time 30 working days

We should have all the documents needed in our office in Prague at least 30 working days before the wedding day. It is time to obtain all the documents from czech offices.

Documents (originals or notarized copies):

  • Birth certificate.
  • Document proving state citizenship.
  • Document of legal capability. (The document must not be older than 6 months to the date of marriage.)
  • Confirmation about personal state and residence.
  • Death certificate of dead husband, in case of widowed foreign; this document is not necessary to submit if this fact is mentioned in document of legal capability for getting married.
  • Confirmation about justification of the residence on the territory of Czech Republic, issued by Police of Czech Republic, which must not be older than 7 work - days.
  • Document proving identity.

Interpretation & translation

Albanian, English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Esperanto, Finnish, French, Jewish, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Latin, German, Netherland, Norway, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian, Greek, Slovenian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese etc.

  • translation and interpretation in all specializations (business, technical, laws, etc.)
  • translations express
  • notary verifications
  • verification of certified translator and translation clause
  • emendation of native speaker
  • attendance of interpreter in Czech Republic and travelling abroad
  • other

 To find out more detailed information about wedding paperwork, please contact our wedding planner.