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Wedding Spa & Massage

Imagine the luxury of having a full-service spa in the calm and comfort of our spa and massage centers just before your wedding day. Enjoy a half day or a full day retreat of head-to-toe pampering-bridal party the possibilities are endless. Our goal is to bring you a relaxing convenient, while still affordable, way to learn how to take care of your body. We offer massages, facials hot stone, body scrubs, body wraps hand & feet treatments packages.


Senses experience (for women)
  • refreshing ginger peeling
  • oriental aroma massage with odorous sacks in cool bath, butter mixture and spices
  • proffesional mask according to the type of the skin
  • charming care of hands
  • 195 minutes                    


Magic of the sea (for men and women)
  • exfoliation of marine salt with hydrating gel
  • detoxication mineral mud with deep clening effect
  • bacis treatment of face according to the type of the skin
  • charming care of hands
  • 195 minutes                   


Relaxing program (for women)
  • refreshing peeling
  • quiet of senses - relaxing massage
  • bacis treatment of face according to the type of the skin
  • charming care of hands
  • 195 minutes            


Chocolate jag (for men and women)
  • delicate antistress chocolate face treatment gives to the skin shine, smoothness, relaxation and pleasing feeling
  • relaxing treatment of the body with sugar and honey peeling
  • relaxation in the cacao pack, proffesional make up
  • 120 minutes                


Buddha classic

Traditional Thai temple massage described in the Thai language as "nuat". This is a series of masterly techniques through which, with the aid of manipulation exercises and acupressure on energy points on the body, the tension and pain of muscles, tendons and joints are relaxed. It brings overall relaxation, a feeling of newly acquired vitality and spiritual balance. Buddha Classic represents Thai massage therapy in its most authentic form, as it has been taught and practiced for centuries.



Foot massage

Massage of the lower legs by means of acupressure, concentrating on the soles of the feet. Reflexology combined with massage from the toes up to the knees with the help of 100% essential oil from extracts of thyme, manuka and lemon grass and balm from eucalyptus, rosemary, mint and chestnut blossom. It is the best way how to remove the feeling of heavy legs. This massage is popular at present also because of its medicinal effects and the restriction of the risk of the development of civilisation diseases connected with circulation disorders.



Orient Premium

Oriental massage originated through the combination of several different methods and styles of massage. It offers a specific combination of Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Old Indian massage therapy. It is intended for exceptionally tired muscles and also for removing the feeling of overwork and exhaustion. The basis is operation on the acupressure points lying on the energy paths of the body and their general positive charging. With the use of oils from extracts of rosewood, bergamot and lemon grass,  we achieve unbelievable results in a short time.


Honey massage

This is an old and time-tested healing detoxification method. The massage takes advantage of honey’s great effects and compression massage touches. Thus it helps to remove old sediments and toxins from the very depth of the body’s tissues. The properties and healing effects of honey were well known and used by the ancient Chinese, Arabs, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and other nations – even by the American Indians. 


Mystic face and stones

This kind of massage is considered as one of the best methods for relaxation. It uses the warmth and vibrations of lava stones. For this massage genuine finely polished lava stones are used for your utmost pleasure. 




 To find out more detailed information about wedding Spa & Massage, please contact our wedding planner.