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Wedding Vintage Cars

To the place where is the wedding ceremony you do not go walking. There are lot of car rentals that organize the transport for you and for the wedding guests. They have beautiful cars and they decorate them as well. You can feel the old epoque and travel in some historical car that is nearly one hundred years old.


Bentley Mark VI
  • year of construction 1947
  • black body
  • beige leather interior
  • Bentley with Rolls-Royce one of the most luxury marks
  • both marks produced in UK in Crewe
  • only 18 cars with the body made by Mulliner


Škoda 430
  • year of construction 1930
  • cabrio dark green body
  • light leather interior
  • constructed in Mlada Boleslav in Skoda fabric upon request     
  • participated in many international competitions (Italy, UK, Germany)


Škoda Rapid II
  • year of construction 1938
  • black body
  • light fabric interior
  • 1993 renovation
  • 1996 trip Prague - London - Prague


Morris Minor
  • year of construction 1928
  • cabrio light green body
  • dark interior
  • precursor of sport car MG


Tatra 600 - Tatraplan
  • year of construction 1949 in Tatra Koprivnice
  • light body
  • light fabric interior


Jaguar Mk II.
  • year of construction 1965
  • light blue body
  • dark leather interior
  • maximum speed 200 km/h                  




Škoda 706 RTO
  • prototype from 1956
  • produced by Karosa, LIAZ and SVA
  • ten thousand buses, also for export
  • max speed 65 - 85 km/h, consumption 22 - 28 l/100km


 To find out more detailed information about wedding cars, please contact our wedding planner.