Gay and Lesbian Wedding Celebrations

If the citizen of Czech Republic, who wants to get married, has the permanent residence abroad, he is obliged to identify himself and add the entire documents list below or other similar documents if they are issued by the country.

You need:

  • Form - Questionnaire for partnership
  • Proof of identity
  • Certificate of birth
  • ID or passport
  • Data from informational system of inhabitants about the permanent residence (you can prove this with ID)
  • Data from informational system of inhabitants about the marital stage or partnership (you can prove this with ID)
  • Document about expiry of the previous marriage or partnership

The foreigner who has not the permanent residence in Czech Republic has to give to the Register Office before entering the partnership the certificate issued by the Police of Czech Republic about the legacy of the residence in Czech Republic. This rule does not operate for citizens of European Union or other country belonging to the European Economic Agreement or their familiars. This certificate can not be older than 7 days before the entering of partnership.

Places for contracting of partnership:

  • Old Town Hall
  • Ledebour gardens
  • Vrtba gardens
  • Castle Karlstein
  • Others

To find out more detailed information about gay and jesbian wedding, please contact our wedding planner.