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Legal Marriage Info

Legal marriage requirements in Czech Republic are not a problem.

Enlightenment about documentation and requirements needed for foreign (foreigners) to get married in Czech Republic.

Foreign who would like to get married in Czech republic is, according to § 35 code no. 301/2000 Sb., about registers, name and surname and about change of any of related codes, bound to submit:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Document proving state citizenship.
  • Document of legal capability. (The document must not be older than 6 months to the date of marriage.)
  • Confirmation about personal state and residence.
  • Death certificate of dead husband, in case of widowed foreign; this document is not necessary to submit if this fact is mentioned in document of legal capability for getting married.
  • Confirmation about justification of the residence on the territory of Czech republic, issued by Police of Czech republic, which must not be older than 7 work - days.
  • Document proving identity.

Records issued by courts and offices of foreign state, which are valid at the place where they have been issued as common records must be procured with requisite verifications (§ 57, section 2, code no. 301/2000 Sb.). Registrar of the particular state will specify which verifications the records must contain.

Foreign records essential for getting married and for enrolment to the register are submitted together with official translation into Czech language. (§ 57, section 1, code no. 301/2000 Sb.)

If the foreign does not speak or does not understand Czech language, presence of an interpreter registered in the list of experts and interpreters is necessary for direction in front of the appointment and during the marriage announcement. Attendance of the interpreter is provided by fiancé. (§ 39, code no. 301/2000 Sb.).