Symbolic Weddings (Blessing)

Many couples do not want or cannot celebrate a formal civil or religious wedding ceremony and a symbolic ceremony is an ideal solution - thus avoiding legal documentation in Czech Republic and expensive town hall fees  in Czech Republic. You may already be civilly married but want a ceremony in a beautiful location or to renew your vows on a special anniversary.

There is no documentation required for a symbolic wedding and it is the perfect choice for those who have already had a civil ceremony. A symbolic ceremony can consist of personalised vows and exchange of rings in an unusual setting, in a stunning panoramic location for a special anniversary celebration or a full scale wedding in a private garden, villa or castle. organise symbolic weddings with the same attention to detail and seriousness as any civil or religious ceremony - a ceremony that is important, a personalised ceremony with special meaning and significance for the couple.


  • Gardens
  • Protestants Church
  • Castles
  • Steampship
  • Historical monuments

To find out more detailed information about symbolic wedding /blessing/, please contact our wedding planner.