Why to Marry in the Czech Republic

Food and wine

Sampling the food and local wine is a culinary indulgence in a blend of the finest flavours in the world. Try glass of white wine from the region of South Moravia sitting on a terrace with a view to the towers and old churches. For the dinner you can taste special Czech goulash soup served in a pot made from bread that you can eat as well or famous dumplings with creamy sauce and beef and much more. Czech cuisine is tasty and also quite varied. In cold winter time you would love to have hot soup and substantial sauce/main course.


Prague has more than thousand hotels, pensions and hostels, so it is not problem to choose exactly the type of accommodation you want. You will be delighted by the abundance of 3 to 5 Star hotels in the historical centre where you can feel the history and atmosphere from the past centuries. What could be more romantic than to wake up from your bridal suite with the view across the Prague castle or the towers of Saint Nicolas Church?

The experience

Prague is young

Many modern buildings have grown up in the last decade; a lot of new shopping centers and hotels in the minimalism style have appeared in the centre of the city.

It's also old

The oldest history started in the 9th century with the bohemian dynasty of Premyslovci. You can still find some residues of the old Prague, like ruins in the wine cellar of old houses or old Romanic rotundas, where you can really feel the far history.

Come and share the fun, romance and adventure in a destination-wedding and honeymoon in Czech Republic.

After your wedding, sharpen your spirit with an adventurous honeymoon...one you will never forget...and one that will leave you want to come back again and again, for more.


Visit Czech mountains, deep forests, and beautiful lakes and scenting meadows. Smell the odorous of the forest after summer rain.


Spend your wedding day or honeymoon in some castle, feel as a princess from 18th century and try all the luxury service that they used to have. Sleep in a bad with canopy, have a dinner on a table inlaid with precious wood, read a book in a library from 17th century,….resuming feel like dreaming.


Walk in the narrow streets of the city, where you can find all styles of art, from Romanic, through Gothic, Baroque and Modernism, have a coffee in a café where used to drink coffee Franz Kafka or go to Slavia café, the favorite place of our ex president and famous writer Václav Havel.


Allow yourself to taste the hospitality and professionalism of Czech spas, taste curative mineral water directly from the spring, go for a massage, browse through the colonnade having a hot wafer in your hand.


Click your camera at the man-made icons - the Old Town Square and The Charles Bridge with the panorama of the Prague Castle


Visit this land where you can walk with nature, hike in the mountains, shop in historical cities, eat fantastic food and enjoy the company of friendly people.


Shopping is world class - with all the major cosmetic and fashion houses represented. See the best marks Gucci, Dior or Versace in the Paris street, shop in small historical markets near the Old Town Square and enjoy. Most visitors, however, choose to bring home a souvenir as wooden toys and puppets for the kids, garnet for ladies and good and famous beer Pilsner Urquell for gentlemen.

If you've ever said, „Some day I'll go to Prague!”, now it is the right time to go! Simply, Czech Republic is good value!

Your wedding in Czech Republic

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